Murus Hangboard

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Choose a total of 4 holds:

QC System 20mm Slope Alien Hold

QC System 18/10/8mm Edge Hold

QC System 15mm Rounded/Flat Slope Hold

QC System 14mm/8mm/6mm Edge Hold


The holds you want, where you want them!

We were going to release this early summer, but due to demand for home-based training equipment, we are trying to push this a bit earlier!

The CrimpWerks Murus Hangboard is a completely customizable hangboard that is 100% compatible with the QC holds system. So you can use the exact same holds on the QC plates or the Murus Hangboard! Quickly and easily mix and match any holds in any of the attachment stations along the length of the hangboard. All of our QC holds clip-on in seconds to any of the attachment cleats without the need for tools. Choose from 11 different surfaces along 4 different attachment stations (11^4 = 14,641 total possible combinations!) spaced 15cm apart to create whatever hangboard you need. 

Additionally, the top of the Murus is a generous 25mm warm-up rail with a comfortably rounded corner.

The Murus is made of Poplar and is 600mm x 70mm x 25mm (approximately 24 in x 2.75 in x 1 in) in dimensions.

If you already have the holds you want, you can just order the Murus without holds. However, if you order the Murus with holds you get 4 holds of your choice. Choose the 4 holds from want included from the selection above before you add to cart (though you can add the holds at any time from anywhere on the website they are sold! They are discounted at checkout.)