About Our Holds

All of our QC2 Holds are Quick Change (no tools necessary) / Dual-Sided / QC2 Base Plate and Murus Hangboard Compatible

18mm / 10mm / 8mm Edge

This robust beginner/intermediate hold has 3 flat very positive crimpy edges, good for developing core finger strength.

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14mm / 8mm / 6mm Edge

A more advanced alternative to the 18mm/10mm/8mm hold, this hold has 3 smaller but still flat very positive crimpy edges, good for developing technical finger strength.

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20mm Flat Slope / 10mm Pocket Crimp ("Alien")

This dual-purpose hold is a great choice for those wishing to train on both positive and non-postive surfaces

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15mm Rounded / Flat Slope

A challenging hold with great training tools to develop confidence and technique with small sloping non-positive holds. 

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10mm Rounded Crimps / 20mm Flat Slope ("Lip Crimp")

The newest hold in the QC2 collection. We call this one the "lip crimp." A great training tool to work your fingers both on small concentrated areas and surfaces that require optimal surface contact.

  • Side One - Two rounded 10mm lip crimp surfaces on the other - one convex and the other concave. The convex rounded edge is very positive with concentrated contact on the tips of your fingers. The concave edge is less positive with the goal of developing optimal surface contact.
  • Side Two - 15mm deep, flat surface angled downward at 15 degrees. This sloper is non-positive, but it's size and grippy texture instill plenty of confidence.
  • Pair with a Plate Set and our 75lb or 150lb Isometric Resistance Bungees for challenging sub-bodyweight training
  • Available in the Murus Hangboard Set
  • Customize your training program with Individual QC2 Holds and Plates

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