About Holds

CrimpWerks offers the following holds as part of the CrimpWerks finger training system.

Owl Crimp Holds

These holds are simple 15mm (top) and 10mm (bottom) very positive crimpy edges, good for developing core finger strength.  The top and bottom are inclined 8 degrees and the texture is very grippy. 


 Alien Holds

These extraterrestrial holds are more of an intermediate hold with a slightly pocketed 10mm crimp on the top, and a 20mm flat sloper on the bottom angled at 15 degrees.  A great hold to build finger strength for smaller crimps and non-positive slope-like holds.



 Slope Edge

These challenging 17mm think holds have an 8mm rounded radius on top, and a thin rail edge on the bottom that is sure to punish your fingertip pads.