Isometric Resistance Bungee - 75 lbs

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48 Inch Keeper Heavy Duty Bungee with Powder Coated Steel Carabiners

Up to 75 lbs of Total Resistance

Works with both the QC and Legacy Bolt-On plates.

The Resistance Bungee is a convenient and portable way to add sub-hang levels of isometric resistance to your finger workout or pre-climb warmup.  It is especially useful when you are developing finger strength using the smaller "advanced" edges or non-positive slopers, where you cannot (or do not wish to) engage full body weight. It's also a great way to get a post-workout pump when your fingers are already fatigued!

Recovering from an injury?

The Resistance Bungee an ideal tool to engage the fingers with highly variable resistance - from very light to quite heavy - during injury rehabilitation.

Any spare carabiner can be used as an attachment anchor for the bungee, provided there is something sturdy nearby to attach it to (trad pro works pretty well for this in the field).

*** Caution: Be careful!! Letting go of the crimpwerkers with tension on the bungee will launch them into whatever is behind the anchor!! ***