QC2 Plate Set with 14mm/8mm/6mm Edge Holds

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This is a set of 2 QC2 plates and 2 14mm/8mm/6mm Edge Holds

A more advanced alternative to the 18mm/10mm/8mm hold, this hold has 3 smaller but still flat very positive crimpy edges, good for developing technical finger strength. The largest surface on one side is a 14mm deep edge, which can serve as an intermediate edge or warmup surface for the smaller edges on the other side. The more advanced 8mm and 6mm deep edges provide a greater challenge for those seeking very technical finger strength training.

This hold is particularly well suited to sub-bodyweight resistance platforms for those wanting to increase finger strength and endurance on small surfaces, but are not yet able to hang with full body weight.

The edges are slightly inclined so they are level when the plate is hanging from an attachment point.

CrimpWerks holds are made from masters that are crafted out of special high-quality, high-density phenolic foam. This results in a refined surface texture that delivers subtle yet ample friction while also being gentle on the skin. For more aggressive finger strength training, you can gently sand the hold surfaces with high-grit sandpaper to any desired level of smoothness, giving them a distinct wood-like feel. The decrease in surface friction will demand greater finger strength to engage comparable levels of resistance.

All holds are rated to 250 lbs (113 Kg) per hold.