QC System 18mm/10mm/8mm Edge Hold

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Edge Crimps

This robust warmup/intermediate hold has 3 flat very positive crimpy edges, good for developing core finger strength. A large 18mm deep edge one side is a great platform to practice max hangs or take on heavier weights on a resistance platform (such as a cable weight machine.) More advanced 10mm and 8mm deep edges on the other side allow for technical development of finger strength on smaller surfaces, especially useful using sub-bodyweight resistance provided by a cable weight machine, resistance bungee, or assisted counter-weight.

The edges are slightly inclined so they are level when the plate is hanging from an attachment point.

CrimpWerks holds are made from masters that are crafted out of special high-quality, high-density phenolic foam. This results in a refined surface texture that delivers subtle yet ample friction while also being gentle on the skin. For more aggressive finger strength training, you can gently sand the hold surfaces with high-grit sandpaper to any desired level of smoothness, giving them a distinct wood-like feel. The decrease in surface friction will demand greater finger strength to engage comparable levels of resistance.

Each hold is sold separately. For a set, please order 2.