QC2 System 10mm Rounded Crimps with 20mm Flat Slope Hold

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Lip Crimps

This dual-purpose hold features a flat, 20mm deep slope angled downward at 15 degrees on one side, and two rounded 10mm lip crimp surfaces on the other - one convex and the other concave. The convex rounded crimp is very positive but with substantial contact concentrated to a small area towards the front of the distal phalanx. The convex rounded crimp is far less positive, and encourages optimal surface contact with the tips of the distal phalanges. The sloper side is non-positive, but it's size and grippy texture instill plenty of confidence. It ends up being angled downward about 23 degrees when suspended from a QC2 plate.

CrimpWerks holds are made from masters that are crafted out of special high-quality, high-density phenolic foam. This results in a refined surface texture that delivers subtle yet ample friction while also being gentle on the skin. For more aggressive finger strength training, you can gently sand the hold surfaces with high-grit sandpaper to any desired level of smoothness, giving them a distinct wood-like feel. The decrease in surface friction will demand greater finger strength to engage comparable levels of resistance.

All holds are rated to 250 lbs (113 Kg) per hold.

Each hold is sold separately. For a set, please order 2.

Note to existing customers: The new QC2 holds are not compatible with the original QC plates. This is because of the shape of the cavity on the back of the hold that seats the cleat. If you wish to use QC2 holds on the original QC plate, please use the QC2 Conversion Kit that can be found here