QC2 "Quick Change" Base Plate

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QC2 "Quick Change" System Base Plate

This is the base plate for the QC2 System Holds that allows the QC2 holds to "clip on" quickly and easily, without the need for any tools. It uses a spring-loaded French-cleat mounting platform rather than bolts to secure the holds onto the plate. Each hold is bi-directional with hold surface(s) on the both sides of the hold. With this system, it is quick and easy to flip sides of the hold being used, or attach another kind of hold from the QC2 hold selection within seconds.

The plates and french-cleat latching system is made out of 6061-T6 Aluminum. The bolts are Stainless Steel.

Please order the QC2 hold(s) you desire separately.

Each plate is sold separately.

Patent Pending.

A QC2 plate with an attached hold weighs approximately 180g / 6.5oz