QC2 Omnis Package 150

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The Crimpwerks QC2 Omnis Package 150 is a complete isometric resistance set that offers a bit of everything—beginner to advanced crimps, slopers, organic edges, positive and non-positive surfaces. Isometric resistance training with QC2 holds not only improve finger strength, but also offers a great workout for your core, arms, shoulder and back.

  • Each hold is dual-sided for additional challenges.
  • Our Quick Change System let you easily switch holds on the base plates. No tools necessary.
  • Small and portable. Toss your QC2s and bungee combo in your pack to warm up your fingers before you climb.
  • The QC2 holds in this set also work on the New Murus Hangboard.
  • Need a starter bungee/plate/hold set for your isometric resistance training? Consider the QC2 Omnis Package 75 which include the plates and holds in this bundle and one of our Isometric Resistance Bungee - 75lb.

QC2 Omnis Package 150 includes:

  • One—QC2 Base Plate Set
  • Isometric Resistance Double Bungee - 150lb with attachment carabiners
  • Two—18mm/8mm/10mm Edge Holds
  • Two—14mm/8mm/6mm Edge Holds
  • Two—15mm Rounded/Flat Sloper Holds
  • Two—20mm Slope Alien Hold Holds

All holds are rated to 250 lbs (113 Kg) per hold.