QC2 Omnis Package 75

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The Crimpwerks QC2 Omnis Package 75 is a complete isometric resistance set that offers a bit of everything—beginner to advanced crimps, slopers, organic edges, positive and non-positive surfaces. Isometric resistance training with QC2 holds not only improve finger strength, but also offers a great workout for your core, arms, shoulder and back.

  • Each hold is dual-sided for additional challenges.
  • Our Quick Change System let you easily switch holds on the base plates. No tools necessary.
  • Small and portable. Toss your QC2s and bungee combo in your pack to warm up your fingers before you climb.
  • The QC2 holds in this set also work on the New Murus Hangboard.
  • Need a stronger bungee/plate/hold set for your isometric resistance training? Consider the QC2 Omnis Package 150 which include the plates and holds in this bundle and one of our Isometric Resistance Double Bungees.

QC2 Omnis Package 75 includes:

  • One—QC2 Base Plate Set
  • Isometric Resistance Bungee - 75 with attachment carabiners
  • Two—18mm/8mm/10mm Edge Holds
  • Two—14mm/8mm/6mm Edge Holds
  • Two—15mm Rounded/Flat Sloper Holds
  • Two—20mm Slope Alien Hold Holds

All holds are rated to 250 lbs (113 Kg) per hold.